Monday, May 28, 2012

Scott Walker song, "You're Fired."

Ran across this song about Scott Walker by Jasiri X and thought you might like to check it out.
Jasiri X: "I was in Madison, Wisconsin when the citizens took over the statehouse and it was one of the most amazing events I’ve witnessed. I saw firsthand the power of regular people coming together in unity to fight back against corrupt politicians and corporate influence. I’m honored to add my voice to this historic campaign to recall Scott Walker and rebuild Wisconsin."
“You’re Fired” was directed by Paradise Gray and stars Silas Russell as “Scott Walker”… performed live at Rebuild Wisconsin on May 19th in Milwaukee … with appearances by: Van Jones, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Biko Baker, Viva Fidel, Jennifer Epps, Gat Turner, Khalil Coleman, DJ Willie Shakes, Prophetic, Calvin Skinner and Mayor Tom Barrett. Vote June 5th to Recall Scott Walker!
Here's Van Jones with a word about Walker and the Occupy Movement. It doesn't end on June 5th:

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