Friday, May 18, 2012

U.S. Senate Candidate Michael LaForest?

At Moneyed Politicians, Jack Lohman is pushing independent candidate for U.S. Senate Micheal LaForest, and for good reason. This guy isn't some wacky unrealistic candidate for office. Check out the captured picture below from his website. His other positions are as well thought out as his policy statement on education.

I wish our invisible Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin would be more aggressive going after this seat. Her packaged responses are a distraction from her populist positions. The days of the friendly, smiley, soft spoken candidate are gone. Don't they know these are very serious political times. As a voter it bothers me to see a lack of intensity and urgency from the Democratic side of the isle. After all, we're dealing with a desperate, take no prisoners conservative movement.    

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