Friday, May 25, 2012

Media Action Center files Formal Complaint Against WTMJ and WISN Radio for Free Republican Airtime During Elections.

Uppity Wisconsin has been on top of what has been an unfair use of the public airwaves 60 days before an election. Milwaukee radio has all but slammed the door on the Democratic challengers in the upcoming recall elections. Due the following complaint by the Media Action Center, something just might start happening here in our state, and nationwide, Here's their press conference the other day that very simply laid out their case.

The Republicans have essentially received 120 times the air time the Democrats have with conservative talk radio hosts. The net worth of FREE airtime base on advertising costs between both stations for just 10 days, for Republican candidates and Walker, ranges from $330,000 to $660,000.

Check out their news conference:

Formal Complaint to FCC filed on behalf of Wisconsin citizens Minutes ago, I filed a formal complaint on behalf of citizens of Wisconsin with the FCC concerning Milwaukee's WTMJ and WISN radio.

Both stations are violating the FCC's Quasi-Equal Opportunities Doctrine (Zapple Doctrine) which provides that if a radio station gives free airtime to supporters of one major political party candidate, it must provide comparable time to supporters of the other major political party candidate.

Supporters of Tom Barrett are demanding their rights in the remaining days of the Scott Walker recall election, and we have asked the FCC to intervene immediately.

Read the full complaint here:

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