Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Media Trackers spies on citizens, publicly intimidates them, to protect Walker.

Stand with Walker thugs would be very happy if recall Walker supporters hid out of sight, and were intimidated enough to never question authority again. Fat chance.

The subversive right wing all Seeing Eye of Mordor, MediaTrackers, can’t cook up the conspiracies fast enough. This time they think the John Doe investigators are out to railroad their leader and potentially criminal governor and his henchmen. Their proof? A recall Walker sign in the investigators lawn.

The sign was posted by Chief investigator David Budde’s wife, who’s a county employee. Apparently, Media Trackers expects her to be silent. This is no joke. The brown shirted thugs at Media Trackers intentions are pretty obvious, they know where you live, and they’re watching. 

Tell you what, when Justice Clarence Thomas recuses himself from the cases his wife Ginni and her tea party losers are actively involved in, I’ll consider listening to these jackbooted authoritarians. 
TMJ4: A conservative group is questioning the lead investigator, arguing a sign in his yard is a sign he can't be impartial. To drive by that house, you'd know someone isn't a Governor Scott Walker fan.  The issue for some is the house is owned by David Budde -- the chief investigator in the John Doe investigation. Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm released a statement saying he talked to Budde about the sign.  Budde claims his wife, a county employee, put the sign in their yard.  Chisholm defended Budde, saying in part, "any decisions related to the John Doe investigation are based on the evidence and not on the political views of any member of this office or their families."

We all know how politically active conservative judges and justices are. The same goes for Sheriff Clarke, but that’s okay. Yet any hint of Democratic support? You’re harassed and under Media Trackers surveillance.  Before knowing anything about Budde’s wifes, or her right to associate and vote, they assumed David was guilty.
Budde’s anti-Walker sentiments are quite strong. He has given small campaign contributions to John Chisholm in the past, and his wife, also a county employee (as of February) but not employed in the District Attorney’s office, signed the Walker recall petition … it remains to be seen what will happen to David Budde, the chief investigator, now that he has been found openly promoting the political defeat of a person whose name has repeatedly been mentioned in relation to the investigation.
Grow up.

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