Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Cowards against Public Education Hide, Cower from taking Responsibility!!

These cowards won't say who they are.
Gazette: An anti-teacher flier distributed over the weekend in Janesville is the work of (the) conservative Milwaukee organization Citizens for Responsible Government, also known as CRG Network … "The group and its representative, Orville Seymer, filed a freedom of information request for a list of all Janesville district teachers, their job titles and annual salaries," Berg said.
What we have is a radical conservative fringe group exposing the “publically available” names of private citizens for harassment, all the while protecting those who disseminated the fliers to Janesville residents.
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When contacted by The Gazette, Seymer said he knew the names of local participants but was asked not to release them. "They want to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation," Seymer said. "However, this is all public information."
A lesson in privatization; while the public is accountable for their actions, the same is not true of private individuals choosing to subvert and destroy the public sector. They are anonymous conservative cowards.

They've targeted dedicated experienced teachers because they envy those who make a decent wage. Weren't conservatives blaming Democrats for wealth envy? Penalizing success?  
The flier lists the names and salaries of (the top) 321 teachers whose salaries range from $59,344 to $75,695. The district employs 765 teachers; the lowest salary is $34,676.

At the bottom of the flier is a "Parents' Rights Protection Form" urging parents to send it to Superintendent Karen Schulte and request that "my child be assigned to a classroom taught by a non-radical teacher during the 2012-2013 school year."

The flier does not say what its authors mean by "radical," but it does include information directing people to a website listing state residents who signed the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker.
That's right, the recall data base online once again is being used as a de facto black list. The superintendent had a great idea:
Schulte said if she receives any of the requests, "they're going in the trash."
The divide and conquer agenda is systemic within the Republican Party.
CRG was also involved in an unsuccessful effort earlier this month to recall state Sen. Bob Jauch.
Speaking for me and so many others who are appalled at this character revealing incident:
Stephanie Kortyna, a fifth-grade teacher at Jackson Elementary School, said she wasn't bothered to see her name on the list, but she objected to being classified as a radical. "But if these people are this concerned with this, why the anonymity? "Why are they not saying who is this group, who is the leader of this group, where is the money coming from to make these fliers? If you have a beef with us, or if you are angry with us, make yourself known," Kortyna said.
But a cowards only power is derived from being anonymous. Superintendent Schulte nailed it;
Schulte said she was shocked when someone showed her the flier Saturday. "I think it's wrong to go after any group that has an honest profession," Schulte said. "I don't understand where this intense anger is coming from."
I do. The entire administration vilified teachers and have brought us to this extreme moment. Take a look at "Citizens for Responsible Government's" earlier attempt:
The flier distributed this weekend is done in the same style as a flier stuffed in some Janesville mailboxes in March. Those fliers listed the salaries of some district administrators and teachers and made specific charges against public schools, including "dumbed-down curriculum," "Marxist/globalist agenda," "sexualization of children" and "union bullying and vindictive targeting of students." The first flier suggested parents pull their children from public schools and put them in private schools.
Here's Sly in the Mornings interview with a concerned parent in Janesville:


  1. Oh the KOCH money used well. We'll probably see this in other states NOW.

  2. And of course stuffing fliers in mailboxes, as opposed to in doors, is illegal. Mailboxes are only for US mail. Cowards and lawbreakers.