Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Debate Audio: The Good (Lori Compas), the Bad and the really Ugly (Scott Fitzgerald)

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald is a bully, a misogynist, and a condescending, mean spirited, juvenile escapee from an anger management facility. He's also and a-hole, if you know what I mean. He didn't disappoint during his debate with Democratic challenger Lori Compas. WKOW:
Fitzgerald had to answer questions about past decisions.

"And we said, you know what? We can't continue to prop up this one sector of Wisconsinites that have not lost their jobs, have full benefits, both health and pension," said the Republican Senate majority leader. Fitzgerald continued to Compas, "So if you're hearing from the same people that are really hurting out there I can't believe you wouldn't support Act 10 or the reforms we put in place."

Compas responded by saying, "This is another example of this 'divide and conquer' strategy. You are turning neighbor against neighbor. What we're seeing here is a pattern of abuse of power and betrayal of trust, the Senator broke the Open Meetings Law," Compas said."

God that grating Fitzgerald voice, whining endlessly about how much he hates America. Compas said what even Mayor Tom Barrett isn't; the Republican Party is wildly abusing their power.

Compas was impressive and cared more about public policy, where Fitzgereld sniped about opposition to his ideological policy. There is a video of the debate, but the sound was awful, so I thought the audio version worked best. At the end of part 3, chants for Lori filled the room. Here's part 1 from WFAW, with more here:

Part 2 from WFAW: in a moment.........

Part 3 final WFAW:

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