Sunday, May 27, 2012

Republicans very quietly raising taxes, and the Democrats are quietly protesting?

We've seen major mistakes by the Republicans fade quickly because the Democrats forgot to complain.

The tax increase on Wisconsin's poor, via the reduction of the Homestead Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, is one huge standout. Has anyone mentioned that? No. Scott Walker continues to brag in his ads that he divided the people of the state without raising taxes. But he did raise taxes, officially. Anyone want to mention it?

My heart sinks when I think of how bad Democrats are at fighting. It's surprising the party has any kind of political prescience at all.

Rachel Maddow and Ezra Klein take a look at the list of tax increase here and in other states, all without a peep from Democrats. Hopeless.


  1. Thanks for the information you make some very good points. To me it seems the GOP goes on with the same old tactics,...

  2. Tom Barrett did mention the Homestead tax credit in the debate on Friday, saying it was a tax increase on senior citizens.

  3. It's not just seniors that got hit from the Homestead tax increase- working poor also use it as well.

    And it was a double-whammy fpor the working poor because Walker also reduced the EITC, meaning those who get it will probably pay higher taxes as well.

    Dems really need to stop assuming the average citizen will "get it", because the average citizen has 20 other things going on in their lives, and they need to be told what's going on and have it connected to the disaster that is GOP policies.