Thursday, May 31, 2012

Walker Supporter and Millionaire put his kids in Badgercare

Remember when one of the Republican presidential candidates said that the problem with the food stamp program was that millionaires were taking advantage of it? Gasp!

Well guess what, a guy right here in Wisconsin enrolled three of his children in the states Badgercare program, even though his wealth is estimated to be between $20 to $30 million. "A 2011 divorce required Michael Eisenga to provide health insurance for his three young boys." So Eisenga got his kids into the taxpayer supported program. Just as odd, Walker's former chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch, charged in the John Doe investigation, worked as an administrative assistant for Eisenga's telemarketing firm.

Did I tell you these people are freeloaders? WKOW's Tony Galli:

Research director Jon Peacock of the Wisconsin Council on Children & Families said the state uses no income limit when assessing the eligibility of children for BadgerCare.  
...and bad business man:
State and court records also list Eisenga's state tax debt as $224,178, in connection to his operation of a Columbus golf course. Records show Eisenga accumulated the tax debt during a time he contributed thousands of dollars to republican organizations and candidates, including a $10,000 contribution to Governor Walker in November 2009, and $7,500 to Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in April 2010. Eisenga told 27 News his tax debt was due to his "miscalculation" of sales taxes.

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  1. I used to go to "church" with this "bad business man." He makes me ashamed to have ever been Republican, let alone a church goer.