Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catholic Church tests Religious Influence and Control over U.S. Constitution.

What a set up. Even if insurance companies are required to provide contraception to all Americans, the Catholic Church is still claiming they’ll end up paying in some small way for the pills. What’s to stop the church from telling insurers what they can or cannot provide in general. How about the co-mingling of their insurance premiums with a company that provides contraception to different groups of policy holders?

If the church wins this one, they will have found a way to manipulate and set in place religious dogma into the Constitution. That’s why they have a full court press on now to win the big one.

Never mind that contraception has other medically necessary uses.
CBSNews: Roman Catholic leaders opened a new front against the Obama administration mandate that employers provide workers birth control coverage, filing federal lawsuits Monday on behalf of dioceses, schools and health care agencies that argued the requirement violates religious freedom. Among the plaintiffs is the University of Notre Dame, which in February had praised President Barack Obama for pledging to accommodate religious groups … Rev. John Jenkins, said the school had since decided to sue because "progress has not been encouraging" in talks with administration officials. The lawsuits have been filed in eight states and the District of Columbia by the Archdioceses of Washington and New York, the Michigan Catholic Conference, Catholic Charities in Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri and Indiana, health care agencies in New York and two dioceses in Texas.

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