Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Walker Increased Taxes on the Neediest Families.

I ran across this sad example of how Walker "balanced" the state budget on the backs of the neediest Wisconsinites. He increased taxes, a Republican no-no for the rich. The justification for cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit was that recipients didn't earn the money, it was just a handout, welfare. Really, it's whatever the Republicans say it is. Nationwide, the GOP has pulled a similar stunt.
The earned income tax credit is a refundable tax credit primarily for individuals and families who have low to moderate earned income … When the tax credit exceeds the amount of taxes owed, it results in a tax refund.
Heck, Ronald Reagan even expanded the credit. A single mother with 3 children that works full time will get about $500 less this year. That's about 140,000 families in the state. WKOW:

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