Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wisconsin, open to out-of-state Walker Donors!

While Republicans were successful in convincing their low information conservative voters that outside money, unions, and liberals were flooding the state in one massive power grab, Walker sneakily did the same and more.

Of course it was just the opposite. Never before have we seen so many outside contributions flood the state for purely ideological reasons. They must win, keep power, hold power, and stay in power forever. I found these two examples as I was scouring my emails:

Projection? OMG. Here's the surreal.....

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  1. Is the Walker Campaign fund choking on the tens of millions recall chest and refusing to handout monies to the anti-recall effort statewide because Walker will need a lot more money transferred into the legal "cooperation" fund soon? What's going to happen to all this PAC money after the election? It sure has been making some loyal republicans money.