Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Orville Seymer leaves Slug Like Slime Trail in Janesville!

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If anyone epitomizes the low life leadership in the tea party movement, it's Orville Seymer, from the ridiculously named Citizens for Responsible Government.

It's more than obvious now that Walker conservatives don't just hate public workers, they're also green with envy over other peoples bigger paychecks. Gee, it looks like Orville Seymer wants to penalize success, doesn't he?
Seymore on the anger of anonymous unpopular cowardly tea party snakes: "They're angry that the teachers are getting such a good deal, and the taxpayers are paying for that.
Freeloader. But the following comment betrayed Seymer's blathering idiocy to the world.
"We don't know what's going on in that classroom."
As a parent of a 9 and 13 year old, I know exactly what's going on in that classroom. Seymer either doesn't have kids or he's a lousy dad. Another numskull ramming his stupidity down our throats. You bet I'm angry. Oh, there's more low information thinking:
"It's a guaranteed salary. They work nine months of the year. They get some pretty good benefits. I think that's what's got the public outraged about this is. They get paid that kind of money."
Pure envy. This is the tea party movement folks. Anyone ready to turn the state over to Orville Seymer? Sorry, but right now, he and Walker are in charge.  From WKOW and WISC:


  1. I find it remarkable that it is now an accepted practice in polite society that working class people are open to character assassination and having their hard earned salaries questioned, while the asset stripping of companies and theft of pension funds by vulture capitalists must not be criticized lest we be accused of wealth envy and conducting class warfare.

    A double standard? You be the judge.

  2. Actually I would like to say that Orville is a damn good dad. He has beautiful kids . To attack them is NOT fair. Please keep them out of this. As a individual that has been out of school only about 15 years but has children currently in enrolled and also has 4 teacher friends. Three of which for MPS I can tell you they are overpayed. I have seen their homes and YES I have had the opportunity to see their checks. Why would they show me. I asked them myselfs that same question. They still felt they were underpayed. They have newer homes, less than 5 years old, in nice subdivions. Newer cars,nicer clothes and get those 3 months off. The children do not use do math by hand or in their heads anymore. Its all on calculators. They do all their work on the internet. Barely any books are brought home. Its VERY sad how the kids are learning today, and we wonder why our kids are becoming less bright. We depend more and more or technology and less on our brains. That in my opinion is why our teachers are overpayed and underworked.

  3. Those are horrible reasons to think someone else is overpaid.

    Envy is a bad adult trait.