Wednesday, May 30, 2012

8 yr old's Catastrophe Award for the most excuses for missing homework stirs outrage.

So are we for or against teachers doing their jobs? I just loved this story:
FoxNews: Usually an award from your child's teacher is something to brag about. But that wasn't the case for one Tucson family -- and now a teacher could be in big trouble. The certificate given to 8-year-old Cassandra Garcia looks harmless. "You're tops" … But take a look at what's written underneath. "The Catastrophe Award" -- 'given to the one student with the most excuses for not having their homework done.'
Instead of a concerned talk with her kid, the parent shift the attention and blame to the…teacher.
"No child is going to be excited or happy, because they received and award like this," said Cassandra's mother. She is furious about the award that was given to Cassandra in front of her daughter's entire 3rd grade class. "All the children were laughing at her."

The teacher, Mrs. Plowman, calls the award a joke. Cassandra's mother however calls it bullying.
Bullying? The kid got what she deserved, with a little humor thrown in. Personally, I thought the award was creative and a subtle message to an irresponsible mom. 

Here are a few of the posted comments:
You are a disgrace to the profession of teaching. Suggest you resign before you are fired in disgrace … REAL teachers understand that not all parents are helpful with homework … Another clueless parent with an entitlement mentality and no concept of responsibility, sadly she seems to represent the wave of the future. This “mom” is too simple to realize that she is drawing attention to her ignorance – for this she truly deserves an award certificate, all of her own … This is an obvious case of lack of parental involvement. Mrs. Plowman is frustrated because she can't do anything of any consequence to motivate this child … Oh for crying out loud. The parents expect us teachers to educate their kids but never do their job of checking on homework and assigments. I think it was great the teacher did this maybe the child will learn to be more responsible than her lazy publicity seeking low life mother is … The mother needs to get her panties out of a twist and realize it's the teacher's job to assign homework, it's the parent's job to make sure it gets done. If the girl lied and said she had no homework, then she deserves the award. If she told her mother she had homework and her mother didn't make sure she got it done, then it's the mother's fault and she deserves the award...

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