Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walker's Bid-Rigging Emails, pt 2!!!

More on the Scott Walker bid-rigging emails. It appears Walker's well rehearsed excuse that because no bids were ever accepted there is no problem, isn't getting a media pass this time. 

Fox6's Mike Lowe adds an interesting element to the mix; were the emails a part of the original John Doe investigation? If they weren't, he could release the bid-rigging emails. But Walker's decision not to talk about it tells me they may be a part of the secret Doe investigation. "Slick" Scott's buying time.

Campaigning with Barrett in Baraboo, former senator Russ Feingold laid out his case for Gov. Walker’s removal from office.

“He will not release the e-mails that the people of this state have a right to see before next Tuesday. We can’t recall him again in this term. They know it’s a one time deal under state law. It’s very cynical. He’s trying to commit the perfect political crime, and we can’t let him do it,” Feingold said.
Responding to the investigation and allegations of bid-rigging in his apparent exchange with Hiller, Walker said Tuesday: “I think the story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel clearly shows what they mentioned a month or two ago, and that is, in the discussion about leasing office space for Milwaukee County offices, no one won the bid. No one won on the bid. The only people that won were the taxpayers of Milwaukee County.”

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  1. Sounds like Blago's whining after he was caught trying to sell the Illinois Senate seat.