Friday, May 18, 2012

Walker promises to "fix things," if re-elected. Like get rid of laws because they're "old."

We're in a real "fix" in Wisconsin, and things are only going to get more "fixed."

As a rule, when a Republican talks about how they'll "fix things," I'm always waiting for them to, the people. Our Republican governmental authority never does get around to it. I know, Scott Walker says he’s doing it for the “taxpayers,” but any benefit we end up seeing is just an unintended consequence of his agenda. We need to remember that jobs are only created by us, consumer demand, not throwing more money at the "job creators" (the wealthy).

Like Waldo, see if you can spot anything that benefits you and me in the following Walker concern:
jsonline: Meeting with reporters, Walker said that if he was re-elected, he would work to "fix things" in Wisconsin. Asked for specifics, Walker said he would continue to find ways to fix the economy, make sure the state's budget stays on track and help small businesses. He said the panel would now focus on ways to get rid of antiquated or out-of-date rules and regulations that "are standing in the way of small businesses."
I’m pretty sure that was all about “fixing things” for “small businesses.” 

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