Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Russ Feingold on Walker: "He has a very very bad relationship with the truth."

I’m still sitting here, in stunned amazement, at Walker’s response to his “divide and conquer” comment in the video below:
Walker: “I think the fact that they’ve sent it to (the media) before I’ve even seen it says it’s a political issue.”
Yeah, so? But get this; that was in response to Fox6's question about a letter sent to the House Oversight Committee by three congressmen, asking that Walker clarify the different statements he made to a billionaire supporter, and then three months later to the committee. Walker immediately accused the media of getting the story first, which it did not. Issa turned down the request.

Intrepid Fox6 reporter Mike Lowe has never had problem asking Scott Walker the tough, uncomfortable question.

Russ Feingold came up with the best of comment of the day: 
Feingold: "The governor has a severe problem with the truth. Whether it be the way he's handling this investigation, whether it be the jobs numbers that Tom talked about, the whole routine he had about how that somehow this attack on the working people of the state was a budgetary matter, that belonged in the budget. He has a very very bad relationship with the truth...overall."

I don't think Scott Walker ever considered, or was ready for, a "debate" with Russ Feingold. 

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