Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NRA bashes Barrett for voting to ban deer hunting grenade launcher.

The NRA's latest radio ad against governor candidate Tom Barrett is insane, but probably right on target for the tea party low information voters.

Apparently Barrett voted to ban grenade launching assault weapons. That won't go over well for the conservative deer hunting crowd, who have been so frustrated at the low deer counts, that grenades were sounding like a good idea.

Ed Schultz has that ad and more.

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  1. What a hunting rifle with a grenade launcher actually looks like:


    That sort of odd-looking round cylinder on the end of the barrel? That's the grenade launcher. It's just a shaped piece of metal at the end that a grenade can fit around. Here's the kicker: In order to use it as a grenade launcher you need a grenade, which is subject to a $200 Federal tax, because it is legally considered a Destructive Device.

    Does any hunter in the country use the grenade launcher this way? No. They might even remove that scary-looking integral bayonet because it's just dead weight when you're hiking through the woods.

    Why would a hunter buy this rifle? Well, it's cheap, and in an inexpensive and widely available cartridge that's very suitable for deer hunting, that's why. They don't care that it was once used by a military to launch rifle grenades.

    So you see conservatives getting up in arms about a ban on rifles with grenade launchers for hunting because you think conservatives are crazy. What's actually going in is that the ban would make it illegal to use one of the most popular deer hunting rifles in the entire country because it has a shaped metal cylinder that nobody uses for its original purpose on the end.

    If you're against hunting, I suppose I can't fault you for being internally inconsistent, but it looks like you're against doing your homework.