Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Stand with Walker" Thug Threatens Recall Supporters. Another Law Abiding Concealed Gun Owner

State Republican voters are "Stand with Walker" thugs, and represent the second coming of the brownshirt revolution sweeping the country.

In another example of political intimidation and a "win at all costs" authoritarian takeover of our state, one Walker militia member got caught, Channel3000:

WSJ: Federal authorities charged a Madison man Friday with making a telephone threat in February to blow up the offices of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, among more than 100 calls, many threatening, that he allegedly placed to the office this year.

William O. Diederich, 61, repeatedly threatened to shoot Democrats and those supporting the recall of Gov. Scott Walker in phone calls he made to the Democratic Party's office at 110 King St. in January, February and March, according to an affidavit by FBI agent Joseph Lavelle, filed in U.S. District Court in Madison. If convicted of making the bomb threat, Diederich faces up to 10 years in prison.

On Feb. 24, the affidavit states, Diederich left a voice mail message stating that when the building explodes, the bombings of Sterling Hall on the UW-Madison campus and the federal building in Oklahoma City will "seem like a firecracker compared to what's gonna happen to you people." The message states that the building was going to blow up "one of these days." "I'm not going to tell you how it's gonna happen 'cause I don't know exactly how it's gonna happen, but I can guarantee it's going to happen, and I tell ya, it's not going to be good," the caller, alleged to be Diederich, states in the message.

During another call, on March 4, Diederich allegedly sang a song advocating that "Bama," presumably President Barack Obama, be shot to death. He also threatened in other calls to shoot any candidates who ran against Walker, and that he would be taking "head shots" at Democrats on the streets around the Capitol. He said during another call that he has a concealed carry permit and that "people better be wearing bulletproof vests."

Another law abiding concealed carry owner...until they're not?


  1. This needs to be put put there more.

    Nothing like this has come from the left. NOTHING.

  2. Trotter are you stupid? The left had threaten the life of the governor and fitzgerald on MULTIPLE occasions?

  3. Those "threats" were determined to be not serious, but I guess you didn't need to follow those stories.

    Good luck with low information voting.

  4. Oh thats right, I forget. It is ok for the left to make threats, name call and prey on the uniformed voter with false promises or prosperity. Not us though. How can you justify a treat against one person and turn around and slam someone else for the same. exact. thing.

  5. It's not the same exact thing, that's why I can defend it. Weighing things out, thinking them over, and identifying a problem has always eluded conservative thinking. It's all so easy when you see everything in black and white. Good and evil. Your side and all the other lost souls.

    Spoken like a true paranoid conservative, everything is equal, even private conversations that are no more dangerous than a concealed carry owner and his gun. All law abiding citizens with no prior record.

    Still scared? I thought so.