Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Turns in Walker Supporters attempt to Sell Campaign Secrets.

Republicans allegedly tried to embarrass the Democratic Party of Wisconsin by recruiting 19 year old volunteer Erik Turner to "sell" campaign secrets. They denied ever doing that, but seriously, we're not like their own low information voters who'll believe anything. The Republican Party of Waukesha County got caught.

Still, Turner will not be charged for the low blow. It's almost funny seeing how surprised these Walker thugs are when confronted with the realization they were breaking a law. After all, in Republican world, laws are meant to be repealed. TMJ4 had this report earlier: 

You'll notice that the supposedly partisan, "out to get Walker," "recall sign in the yard" Milwaukee DA's office, decided NOT to charge Erik Turner. Huh? How will the conservative radio talker's spin that after spending the entire month trying to discredit them?
TMJ4: A Waukesha man under investigation for trying to sell Republican secrets to Democrats via email will not face charges. The Milwaukee County district attorney told TODAY'S TMJ4 it doesn't appear Erik Turner intended to extort the information.

PatchFOX6 News reports that Erik Turner sent two messages to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin stating that he had information for the group trying to recall Gov. Scott Walker. Turner’s Facebook page had a picture of Turner posing with Walker, according to the station. However, the 19-year-old told Today's TMJ4 that he sent an email offering to sell campaign secrets as a prank.

The Wisconsin Republican Party issued a statement to FOX6 stating it did not condone Turner’s actions.

Graeme Zielinski, the spokesman for the state Democratic party, called Turner a “patsy” in a statement he made to a Politiscoop blog: “It's a funny shop they run there with the Waukesha Republican Party. I fail to believe that some 19-year-old would act alone to try to entrap Democratic officials, using specific knowledge of highly sensitive information.”

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