Thursday, May 31, 2012

Barrett's Level Headed Management Style a Stark Contrast to Walker's Double-Speak.

The second debate is over and Tom Barrett was the adult in the room. Maybe it was the psycho look in Walker's droopy dead eyes, or his forced and creepy looking puckered pleading lips, but slick Scotty is simply a hard guy to trust.

Here Tom Barrett points out how Walker took advantage of the recession to divide and conquer. Walker continues to portray hard working public employees and their unions as "special interests." Odd, I would have pegged Walker's billionaire contributors as special interests, am I crazy? The best line of BS is Walker's suggestion that Barrett is selectively taking pieces out of his conversation, that what, makes "divide and conquer" sound bad?:

Barrett also reminded voters statewide that Scott Walker was an 8 year county executive for Milwaukee, the very region he finds so utterly disastrous now:

And as far as passing right to work, Walker resorts to the old and no longer believable, "that's a hypothetical." Oh...the private sector unions soooo deserve what they're going to get if they vote for Walker:

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