Monday, May 28, 2012

Get a Clue Ron Johnson; GOP Senators + No Tax Increases= No Democratic Budget Bill.

The Senate has not passed a budget because the Republicans will not allow for any tax increases. Democratic Senators could put together a massive budget bill replete with cuts and sensible changes to government programs, but because Senate Republicans refuse to consider and will block any tax increases, what’s the use.

That’s why what dumb Ron Johnson is saying below is so stupid. He should know the reason why no budget has been put forward, and if he truly doesn’t, isn’t it time we pull the plug on this mindless Ayn Randian actor. This guy is killing us. Will the press finally start reporting on his incompetence? 
UPI: Sen. Ron Johnson criticized the Democratic Senate for not passing a budget in three years. Johnson said in the weekly Republican media address, "Think about that. Even though families and most businesses produce budgets to help control their finances, the largest financial entity in the world is operating without one. Why? Because Democrats in the Senate refuse to be held accountable. They either don't have a plan, or they simply do not want their fingerprints on one. Maybe that's because their plans generally rely on taking more money out of the pockets of hard-working American families." Americans, Johnson said, are "facing enormous economic challenges and they're looking for solutions, not political games."
Agree to a tax increase, then we’ll talk you idiot. 

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