Monday, June 13, 2011

Sen. Darling Writes Democratic Opponent Pasch's ad for her by backing Ryan's Medicare Plan: "Totally, go Paul Ryan!!"

Rep. Sandy Pasch           Sen. Alberta Darling
Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul won overwhelmingly in a very Republican western New York district because her opponent came out in favor of Paul Ryan's horrific plan for Medicare.

Is Sen. Alberta Darling not paying attention, or has sheer arrogance warped her senses? The pubic opposition to Ryan's plan is unmistakable, and Darling's wealthy Republican constituents can't be happy knowing everything they've worked hard for will be drained away by Ryan's Medicare shell game. I can just see these Darling quotes prominently featured in the ad campaign by Democratic state Rep. Sandy Pasch:

"I'm standing with Ryan, anytime, anywhere! I Think Paul Ryan's is doing the exact right thing."

"Totally, go Paul Ryan!!!"

"They're trying to label that as a negative. I said, are you kidding, he's absolutely a hero!!!"
Here's one angle:

And here's another:

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