Thursday, January 16, 2014

Food Stamps: It’s not unhealthy foods Rep. Kaufert is targeting, it’s those “luxury items” the miserable poor have no right to eat.

Nothing but Envy: The outrageous FoodShare Reform legislation, AB 110, authored by Republican Rep. Dean Kaufert, grew out of “poor envy.” The horror of the “have not’s” having something, is abusive, unfair and a misuse of the program.

For months, Kaufert publically said he was going after junk food, which he thought was an waste of taxpayer money. But in a recent press release below, he let the real reason slip:
“This FoodShare Reform legislation will make sure we continue to help those truly in need in our communities with basic food necessities, while at the same time reduce the abuse and misuse of this program,” Kaufert said. “The original intent of the food stamp program was to provide the basic necessities, not luxury items and this bill will move us back in that direction.”
My conservative friend in Milwaukee angrily told me once he saw someone buying shrimp with food stamps, an odd pastime since it was something I never thought to do myself. He said he couldn't afford to buy shrimp, and he was working.  

Shrimp, steak…whatever, they can’t stand seeing poor people eat. Never mind that the reason for such a purchase might be a job celebration, the last food stamp purchase, a birthday…who knows? They’re supposed to be miserable until they’re under the control of a minimum wage employer.