Monday, September 30, 2013

Paul Ryan heart of this shutdown, says we're stuck with this government 3 more years. Guess he doesn't like Losing.

The Wall Street Journal pointed their finger of blame for the shutdown at Paul Ryan, who refused to negotiate the senate and house budgets. That lead us to this, thank you very much.

If you really want to know how Ryan really feels about the country, not under his control, look no further than the his recent comments trashing the elections, and the will of the people. He and other Republicans have been warning us for quite awhile; they promise leadership, which to them is a license to ignore the public, and do what they think is best. They are our father figures.
Ryan: "We are stuck with this government for the next three years." 
Ryan will not accept minority status, so instead of waiting for the next election and offering a sane alternative, he's happy to let the tea party contingent take the blame for a government shutdown. He's a coward politically, and always has been. He's afraid to tell us what he'd really do with power, and luckily, voters felt very uncomfortable with that.

Here's a great piece by Rachel Maddow showing how little Republicans respect "the people's government."

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