Tuesday, September 10, 2013

United Sportsmen debacle Exhibit A in Walker Donor Welfare Handouts.

So what happens when an over confident super majority of Republicans get caught recklessly giving taxpayer money away to crony donors like United Sportsmen, approved by the governor?

They take responsibility, right? :
...Not me!
WSJ: Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said former Rep. Scott Suder, took the lead in adding the grant to the 2013-15 state budget.
The buck stops here/accountability is number one, right? :
Vos said he “was not directly involved” in adding the language, which resulted in only one group, which has political connections to Suder, applying for the grant.
Stopping reckless taxpayer spending is job one, right? :
“When questions are raised that were not brought about in the past, the governor made a good decision to say let’s go back to the drawing board,” Vos said in an interview.
Even after finding out this group of crony donors, with ties to the Koch brothers, lied about their tax exempt status, broke a hunting law, and had no prior experience promoting recreational hunting and fishing, they were still given scarce taxpayer money based on their qualifications, right? :
DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp “even though (the group) did and does still meet the statutory criteria established by the Legislature for the grant award … it is essential for any organization that receives financial support from the state to have the trust of the public in its capabilities to produce concrete results.”
A courageous decision by Cathy Stepp, even though a panicky governor, up for reelection, ordered the contract canceled. That's "leadership," right?

And  now we're  finding out that United Sportsmen of Wisconsin has never filed a state tax return, despite having done business here.

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