Friday, September 27, 2013

Walker again blames the Recall for his bad jobs numbers, which he also claims aren't bad at all. Yes, he wants to be governor again.

Anyone running a business can tell you; we weren't waiting breathlessly for governor Scott Walker to win his recall election. As absurd as that sounds, that's what Walker wants us to believe. Yet the media as usual treats that BS like it's possible. Come on guys, impartial coverage is one thing, but playing dumb is just outrageous.

When Walker shifts to a different metric counting all the new jobs, it directly contradicts the lack of any measurable job creation via the much touted 11,500 new businesses added since he became governor. You can’t play dumb on this. Those new supposed "businesses" were mostly individuals filing as LLC's.
Knowing he’s got credibility problems, Walker’s dragging out the old chestnut that employers were worried sick he would lose his recall're supposed to believe this stuff:
jsonline-Chicago: One day after a federal report showed that Wisconsin is creating jobs at a pace that's about half the national rate, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said the uncertainty of last year's special gubernatorial recall election stunted hiring in the state.
It gets more ridiculous. The following statement redefines the word absurd:
"These numbers are March to March, and in March of last year, we were still three months out from the recall election," Walker said at a press conference in Chicago, where he appeared at an economic forum. "And as I point out repeatedly, employers in the state were basically frozen until they knew what would happen in that election and the uncertainty it caused."
Anyone else suffering from visions of grandeur? Wanna ask Walker why businesses froze up anticipating the return of the king? Walker thinks they did:
Walker added … "Much as there is concern nationally about the impact of Obamacare and the impact it has on employers, they just wonder with uncertainty."
Employers must be turning away customers at the door over ObamaCare too, hoping to avoid paying health care for any new employees that help sell their products. Folks, businesses don’t run like the fantasy land version dancing around in Walker’s head:
Once the state gets past the effects of that uncertainty, the pace of hiring will increase, Walker predicts. "When the end of the year numbers come out, you are going to see a significant increase," the governor said.
Uh oh, another campaign promise?

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