Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Right Wing Texas Text Books not even supported by state anymore.

This doesn't answer the question; have Texas text books found their way into other states? But it's good news for Texans. Even they found a way out of using their own conservative spin in school books.
Edweek: Texas Board Sees Its Textbook Influence Wane: The State Board of Education is again sparking fierce debate as it begins a public hearing Tuesday on how the next round of science textbooks will address issues such as intelligent design versus evolution and climate change. But this time a law is in place that gives school districts the freedom to choose their own instructional materials including software, electronic readers or textbooks with or without board approval.

Already, though, some volunteer citizen committees that reviewed proposed textbooks … have raised ideological objections and urged publishers to make appropriate edits. Some have asked for edits that stress evolution is only a theory and that some scientists remain skeptical about climate change … one committee member even suggested that "creation science" be covered in all biology textbooks.Previously, the board not only set the state curriculum but also approved textbooks that could be used to teach the lessons over the next 10 years.

When it tackled overhauling the science curriculum in 2009, meanwhile, the board sparked outcry when it decided that students be required to examine "all sides of scientific evidence" for matters such as evolution. The following year, the board tweaked social studies curriculums statewide so that young Texans are taught that America's founding fathers were guided by Christian principles.

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