Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DOA’s Mike Huebsch gung-ho on Walker jobs (promise) “Goal:” “I feel confident that we will continue to try.” Oh boy…

How long should we stay this course:
La Crosse Tribune: Mike Huebsch said Monday during a La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast … “Am I confident that we will get there? I feel confident that we will continue to try.”
Can you imagine the Republican reaction if the Obama administration came out and said that?
…Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch have received press recently by referring to the jobs number as a goal rather than a promise…
Here's here comment:
Kleefisch: "…why do you ever vote for the guy, why do you ever follow the leader who sets a goal that is uninteresting, who sets a goal that's weak and doesn't reflect leadership ability and ambition? Well, you don't follow that guy. That's not a leader.We are following a CEO who set an incredibly ambitious goal. And we will achieve that goal.”
Wouldn't you follow a leader that told you what you wanted to hear about jobs?

But the business optimism Walker loved bragging about is fading fast:  
BizTimes: U.S. employers are more optimistic about the final quarter of 2013 than they have been in any fourth quarter since the start of the Great Recession, but Wisconsin employers are lagging behind their national counterparts in the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.

However, Wisconsin employers reported a Net Employment Outlook of only 9 percent, well below the +13 percent national average. 
"The (Wisconsin) fourth quarter hiring outlook is declining compared to the third quarter of 2013 when the Net Employment Outlook was 19 percent," said Manpower spokeswoman Nicole Langley. 
Here's the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's nicely produced take on Walker's "goal:"

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  1. Mike Huebsch has a degree from Oral Roberts University, so cut him some slack. Obviously we all just need to pray harder.