Sunday, September 8, 2013

More Child’s Play from Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch: Follow the leader anyone?

From an interview with conservative Green Bay radio talker Jerry Bader, this is Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch’s defending Scott Walker’s jobs promise.

Again, it’s more talk about “following a leader,” a chilling thought in a country like ours. This is so over the top authoritarian, it's almost breathtaking. From jsonline:  
Kleefisch: "…why do you ever vote for the guy, why do you ever follow the leader who sets a goal that is uninteresting, who sets a goal that's weak and doesn't reflect leadership ability and ambition? Well, you don't follow that guy. That's not a leader.

We are following a CEO who set an incredibly ambitious goal. And we will achieve that goal.
Priceless. Scott Walker, a career politician...a CEO. Walker did compare himself to a small business man when he took over, which gave me laugh at the time.

The scary thought; Kleefisch is play acting her part in politics, untethered to the reality of her job. 

The "She had a dream" speech: 
"Right now, we're on a trajectory of economic recovery and as long as Wisconsin keeps giving our business owners the certainty and stability they need in order to feel comfortable growing, we're going to hit our goal."

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