Friday, September 20, 2013

WisconsinEye of the Beholder!

WisconsinEye got it wrong, and it’s president, Jon Henkes injected his partisan interpretation into the groups complaint about a Planned Parenthood ad that used a clip of an out of control Senate Pres. Mike Ellis. I'm a little surprised too, because Henkes was good enough to invite me to a meeting to discuss the ad, and perhaps my call to make WisconsinEye a publically financed window on our government, still managed by a nonpartisan entity. 

This misinterpretation was a foreseeable problem when WisconsinEye developed a convoluted set of rules and regulation over content, with the help of cowardly politicians worried about being caught in the act of embarrassing themselves. They made it impossible to use their content, content taxpayers were paying for.
Cap Times: WisconsinEye President Jon Henkes asserted that the ad was inaccurate. “The TV ad creates the false impression that Senate debate was inappropriately shut down by Senator Ellis,” he said.
Wrong. The problem is, Ellis did shut down debate over the objections of a few Democratic objections. It’s kind of funny it took Democrats this long to correct Henkes.
“The 15 Democrats were totally shut down,” wrote Sen. Dave Hansen, D-Green Bay, on Facebook.

In response, Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee, (met) with Henkes to discuss his concerns about the statement. “It was two ships missing each other completely,” said Larson aide Justin Sargent. “They talked right past us.” Larson released a statement asking the organization to withdraw its “biased, inaccurate press release.”

Henkes said his organization had no further comment on the matter, and that it stood by its original statement.


  1. dems are entirely complicit with what is going on -- the state party is directly responsible for an inability to do anything but run sham-candidates who can only proclaim they will act "bipartisan" -- this just means they demand a piece of the stolen booty.

    jim doyle and his irresponsible fiscal policy (Wisconsin will have to pay feds back millions for fraudulent billings) is more responsible than anyone for the walker reign or terror -- economic terrorism.

    Well, the dems on Milwaukee county actually catapulted walker into the executive's office by stealing from pensions funds.

    anyone that thinks the current democratic party will even try to clean up the walker mess is not paying attention.

  2. Hate to say it but agree with you 100 percent. Democrats set this whole thing up with timidity and waffling.

    The "can we get along" crap makes me want to run screaming from the room.