Saturday, September 28, 2013

2 years later, still no rush on Education! Walker forgot about Literacy Program for kids.

Another example of government mismanagement by the Walker administration. Look, since these guys make a living off the premise "government is bad," why do we let them run it?

The Walker Authority forgot all about a reading program for our kids, but got mining passed. Cap Times:
The state has spent none of the $400,000 set aside as part of Gov. Scott Walker’s Read to Lead Development Fund aimed at boosting literacy and early childhood education, according to an audit released Friday ... approved by the Legislature in 2011 and the fund established in April 2012 ... intended to provide grants to school boards and others to support programs that help boost reading.

But the audit said that the Read to Lead Development Council that is supposed to recommend how the grant money should be used has not yet been appointed by Walker. “As of Aug. 31, 2013, no appointments were made to the Council,” the audit found. “However, staff in the Office of the Governor anticipate membership of the Council will be finalized in fall 2013.”
Oh, I believe that. The "all talk, no action" Walker campaigners are now in damage repair mode:
Walker spokeswoman Julie Lund said the Read to Lead project is an “ongoing initiative” and “there was no deadline set in the bill to have the Council up and running.” She added that many other pieces of Read to Lead are already underway…
My god, stop lying, you forgot. Maybe Walker will blame ObamaCare, or the recall elections.... 


  1. You mean the Dyslexic Society of Wisconsin couldn't show the evidence that their program was supposed to be the leader in Reading Research. And Mr. Luther Olsen got scared to speak up for those campaign donors!

  2. It's just one more Republican slush fund.The money is being saved for an election year push to demonstrate just how much our Fearless Leader loves the little children. Look for lot's of photo-ops at voucher schools.