Thursday, September 19, 2013

The End of Middle and High School Sports!?? You might want to call Republican Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt.

After seeing a story posted at Wisconsin Soapbox, I had to do a little checking on what appears to be another Big Government Republican (BGR) shot at public schools, and the possible end to their sports programs. Eh, who needs a level playing field with rules and regulations anyway? Attention WIAA!!!

If you haven't noticed already, Republicans don’t really believe in small government. It's more like a big, free-style form of conservative control, with little or no thought about the unintended consequences of their ideal agenda. That's why the courts are so involved.

Which brings me to State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, who made a wise decision to stop screwing up the minds of Lutheran elementary kids and get into a less productive job like crazy Republican legislator.

Not as well-known as other loony tune legislators, Thiesfeldt is a walking cliché of extremist big government conservatism. Thiesfeldt has racked up quit a record so far, backing bills that...
...hide donor occupations from the public, a ban on fetal body parts affecting UW research, banning hospitals and doctors (and anyone else too) from requiring flu shots (creating a health hazard), tougher Marijuana laws, repealing the dairy state requirement to serve butter in restaurants, allow firearms in schools, a tax exemption for the sale of silver and gold, an opt out for installing "dangerous" smart meters, behind a move to have “In God we Trust” on license plates, and finally, allow citizens to sue wind energy companies and farmers for their perceived harmful effects.
Thiesfeldt's next target could end high school sports as we know it. He wants to allow those who've opted out of going to public schools to go back to them for free extracurricular activities. 

Back peddling from the strongly held conservative value that we live with our choices, Thiesfeldt now thinks that’s unfair. And he doesn't say anything about refunding “choice” money to pay for the team coaches salary and benefits. Nor does he deal with an influx of athletic “ringers” flowing into a districts, or the bidding war to attract them. Details details….  
KFIZ: A state lawmaker wants to open up extracurricular activities at public schools to all students living in a district. The bill from Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt of Fond du Lac would require schools to open up sports teams and other activities to any student in their community. He says that’s regardless of whether they attend a parochial school, virtual school or are home schooled … Thiesfeldt says no child should be denied a chance to participate simply because they made a different choice for their education.
Take a second to let that anger and frustration build and fade. Take another breath, there’s one more incredible regulation that could end school sports as we know it:
The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, a private organization, is actually the body that requires students to attend the school they compete for meaning the Legislature has no control over its policies. comes big government....
Thiesfeldt addresses that issue by prohibiting schools from making an agreement with an organization that bars non-enrolled students from teams.
Say goodbye to the WIAA. Either voters didn't know exactly who they thought they were voting for, or they think like Thiesfeldt. Either way, I’m staying away from the Bizarro World folks in Fond du Lac. 

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