Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Republicans propose state help to fund Fringe Anti-Choice Lobbyists and Donors with Bizarre License Plate.

Without hesitation, as if the United Sportsmen debacle never happened, state Republicans are now trying to fund "right to life" lobbyists through the purchase of a state vehicle license plate.

Not only that, this "right to life" organization is brand new (like United Sportsmen), headed up by the leaders of two right wing fringe groups; Wisconsin Family Action's Julaine Appling, and Pro-Life Wisconsin's Matt Sande. These extremists will take charge of the 35 anti-abortion "pregnancy crisis centers" that have already been exposed as zealot hardliners, providing medically inaccurate information, like....
Onion story or actual GOP proposal? 

...birth control pills cause breast cancer, condoms don't work, possible "post-abortion syndrome,"  psychological damage from abortions, and the fabricated link between abortions and breast cancer. And abortions? Not an option.

Unapologetic Republicans see nothing wrong with, or hypocritical about, the state helping anti-abortion fringe groups with an almost comically divisive license plate featuring a baby's footprint, after over-regulating and defunding Planned Parenthood for its own right to life agenda of choice.

From the ultra conservative twisted mind of Rep. Andre Jacque, who never met a tea party talking point he didn't want to turn into law, came up with this insulting proposal: 
Funds from the license plate would go to Choose Life Wisconsin, a new group that has applied for nonprofit status. The organization is headed by the leaders of two other pro-life advocacy groups.
“Sweetheart funneling of funds to an unaccountable, brand-new, non-charitable organization funded by people with a history of political only interests,” said Nora Cusack, treasurer of Women’s Medical Fund Inc., about Choose Life Wisconsin.
That's right, there are no strings attached, these lobbyists get the money to do what they want with the help of the state's majority party.

From Channel3000: 

With no apparent knowledge of the work hypocrisy, "right to life" warriors like Rep. Jacque is surprised anyone would attack providers of free health services for women (Planned Parenthood guys?):
“I’m really saddened that you’d try to make an attack on organizations that do provide free services to women, that are volunteer-driven, that are in every corner of the state,” said Jacque.
One Democrat pointed out the obvious:
“I’m mystified that that’s something we want to do. We've seen enough division in the state already,” said Rep. Chris Danou, D-Trempealeau. “To put something that’s this divisive onto a state-issued plate, quite frankly, is in bad taste.”
Not when you have a gerrymandered super majority one party system.

The medically based organization Planned Parenthood had too much to offer, and a long history success. The only real lobbying they had to do was in defense of their services. A license plate to fund this well established organization? Almost:
Cap Times: Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, and Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, D-Milwaukee, introduced a bill in February of 2012 that would have allowed for the sale of a Planned Parenthood license plate. The bill went nowhere in the Republican-controlled legislature. Taylor said she may introduce it again.

The Republican-controlled legislature defunded the state’s family planning fund. The move led to the closure of four Planned Parenthood clinics. The clinics did not provide abortions, but other reproductive health care needs such as cancer screenings and birth control.


  1. I can't get too excited about this. Julaine & Co. are targeting the same group of donors who are already funding their organizations. It's a double dip of the same people, who are likely already advertising their political and social opinions on their cars with bumper stickers and husband-wife-kid-kid-kid-kid-kid-kid-kid decals.
    Not sure how this would increase the message from a constituency that's already saturated the market. Julaine wants to become the Martha Stewart of anti-choice cross-promotion and pull in more bucks from the same people. Go ahead. As far as I'm concerned, the more people find out what Julaine's all about the better.

  2. Hey, judging by that license plate, there's a baby trying to get out of that car's trunk.