Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Walker and French explorer/Rep. Andre Jacque push for Tavern League Payoff in Brown Jug Law.

Just another crazy bill from Republican Rep. Andre Jacque (R-De Pere), that brings Christmas just a little earlier to the bar owners in this state. The Tavern League won't hesitate to write out a few checks during the upcoming campaign season either.

We're talking about the Brown Jug Law: The Journal Sentinel actually misled readers by stating the bill is similar to the one in Alaska. It isn't even close:
Michelin Man Jacque.
The bill, patterned after the decade-old "Brown Jug law" in Alaska, would allow alcohol purveyors to sue anyone under age 21 for $1,000 in small claims court if the person tries to trick them into selling alcohol or allowing them into a bar illegally.
Actually, the Alaskan law pays the fine out to three different parties, and nothing goes to the bar owner, unless there's an out of court settlement. Money goes to the clerk to administer the law, to an alcohol education program, and finally to a charity. That’s why this is another Republican giveaway to campaign contributors like the Tavern league and bar owners. $1,000 goes directly to bar owners.

And like most badly written special interest laws, no one expects the law to be used very often, or that it could be abused because of their poorly worded language in the Republican legislation.
Scott Stenger, spokesman for the Tavern League of Wisconsin, said he doesn't expect tavern owners to spend all their time in small claims court going after college students for $1,000 fines.
These surprising details and many more are explained in this clip from WPT’sHere and Now:

Health First Wisconsin - formerly Smoke Free Wisconsin - registered against it. The group's executive director, Maureen Busalacchi, said in a statement that the bill could provide a "financial incentive to licensed premises owners, almost rewarding them for allowing underage drinking to occur at their establishments" through entrapment.

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