Friday, September 27, 2013

Tea Party Opposition to Common Core "Socialist...imported by the Obama's."

Common Core is getting bashed from both the left and right, but for completely different reasons. The left maintains the program had too little research and took too much money from corporate sponsors like Bill Gates, a real red flag for most educators. Testing was again emphasized over creativity and exploration of subjects.

The tea party objection said it was another way of dumbing down Americans, an interesting comment from a group out to kill public schools while promoting unaccountable private schools. It’s also a socialist plot cooked up by President Obama.

But according to WPR News:
The standards were developed by a coalition of governors and school administrators – not the federal government. However, the Obama administration did provide some financial incentive for states to adopt the standards through its Race to Top grants.
The tea party perspective should scare the daylights out of anyone serious about educating their kids, and who don't want their children to become future teabilly voters. Behold the right wings point of view. I mean really, there is something wrong with these people. Waukesha Patch:
Posted by Rufus Jackson , Education is incredibly important to me, that is why I educate myself constantly with books and television and many online sources. I never finished high school, but I know a thing or two about education. Our country is facing a grave danger lurking on the horizon. Common core is a terrifying program started by socialists in Europe and imported by the Obama's.

For anyone looking for an honest assessment read anything Michelle Malkin wrote about it, or Glenn Beck. Common on core is a way for the government to implement a total brainwashing of our children. By making grades obsolete, all classes will be using a feel good method of grading This is to keep parents from knowing what their children are doing in ObamaSchool. Once parents are out of their kids lives and education, the only step is for the government to step in and raise your kids on welfare and dependency. It is so clear, if you choose to see it. 

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