Friday, September 13, 2013

Walker sets up Wisconsin to gain nothing for new company relocation's.

The recent Walker chest thumping and news that an Illinois company decided to relocate to Wisconsin may not be as big a deal as we've been lead to believe. Not only does it not create new jobs, but employees living in Illinois still pay taxes to their home state and a Walker tax cut means Wisconsin makes little as the host state to the company. Check out the whole story at Uppity Wisconsin.


  1. The only thing that gets gained is a few notches on job stats, since they're measured by where people work. But what's lost is a huge amount of tax revenue in WEDC and local TIF giveaways, and local taxpayers will have to make up the difference in the short term.

    The whole "poaching" idea is total garbage, and gains nothing long-term except a race to the bottom.

  2. Poaching and not job or business creation is only getting worse too.

    You would think a free market using taxpayer money as a bribe would seem like one of the first things Republicans would do away with. Yet it's number one on their list.

    A party filled with contradictions.