Monday, September 30, 2013

Capitol Quiet since Walker Halted Arrests.

No Capitol protesters arrested again, and it's been about a month since the last clash.

It's hard for them to make the case their law has any validity if they can turn it on and off anytime they want. But that's what's happening.

Here's WKOW's Tony Galli with a detailed report:

After weeks of arrests of protesters at the state capitol over failures to obtain authorizing permits, more than forty people participated Monday in a Solidarity sing-a-long, with Capitol police officers merely standing by. Emergency rules on the requirement for a permit to occupy portions of the state capitol for larger gatherings expired Sept.12. In adopting emergency rules in April, department of administration officials said  the permit process helped minimize disruption to work in the Capitol, and interference with visitors, including school groups. Officials also said permit enforcement was needed " order to protect the public safety and welfare."

Spokespersons for the governor, and the department of administration have yet to respond to requests for comment from 27 News on future plans for managing the presence of Capitol protesters.

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