Monday, September 16, 2013

Be a Captain in Walker's Army!! Wisconsin Republicans create their own ACORN election Fraud Community Organizer Army.

Remember how Obama’s “community organizing” tore at the fabric of this great nation and stole our country away?

Well, I visited the Republican Party of Wisconsin's web site today, and found out they liked the idea of ACORN after all.

Simply replace “Organizer” with “Captain” and you've got the GOP’s version of ACORN:
By changing organizer to Captain, Republicans can instantly justify ways to “manipulate” people into voting Republican, and undermine elections with voter and election fraud.

Applying the ACORN script, it should go something like this:
What we call propaganda, Republicans say “Distribute Campaign Materials.”

What we call public intimidation, Republicans simply say “Engage in Peer-to-Peer Conversations”

What we call voter and election fraud, ACORN Republican admirers say “Register Potential Voters.”

What we call partisan community organizers and Obama foot soldiers, Republicans say Recruit Community Team Members to reelect Scott Walker.
Want to become a freedom loving "grassroots ARMY" member? That's right, Republicans compare this to building an army. Nothing to worry about there, just a little innocent word play? If we believe that, we do it at our own risk. In the empty thoughtless words of Rebecca Kleefisch, who needs our help to "DRIVE our agenda"....


  1. In true Republican projection; watch for them use this organization to do ALL of the illegal things they accused ACORN of doing.

  2. You got it. I had fun turning this thing around on them.