Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fear Grips America, as Americans Grip their Guns and Target Sane Gun Laws. Voters Oust Two Colorado Democrats for Background checks and 15 Round Mags.

Perhaps I overreacted, and I'm hoping that's the case after hearing what Rachel Maddow had to say about this NRA victory:

Here's what I originally posted: 
There are those who are trying to play down the Colorado recall over gun regulation, but I’m not one them.

This was a big, fear laden victory for an ever growing movement of civil vigilantism.

When Americans are faced with this…
 …two mass shootings last year – at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater and a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.
…that resulted in two sensible attempts to reduce the ease of committing these public acts of execution:
Both (recalled) state legislators voted for 15-round limits on ammunition magazines and for expanded background checks on private gun sales.
You've got to wonder just how bad this is going to get. Knowing a few of my conservative friends has opened my eyes to the right wings volatility over events in the news, mostly imagined, that anger them to the point desperation and near hopelessness.
The Colorado state senate president who faced a backlash after casting votes for gun control has conceded in a race to recall him from office, and … a second state lawmaker (also) lost her recall vote. "We as the Democratic Party will continue to fight," the Denver Post quoted Sen. John Morse as saying. "The highest rank in democracy is citizen, not senate president, so soon, along with many of you, I will hold that rank and there's nothing citizens can't accomplish when they put their minds to accomplishing it."

Attempts to pass reasonable gun laws isn't just dead, is created a backlash that now has the ability to control elections, bringing about an entirely different and unpredictably violent society based on one issue.    
Kurt Bardella, a communications consultant for the recall said, "The people of Colorado have made history tonight sending a loud and clear message that will reverberate through-out the county and alter the terrain of the gun-control debate."
The gun culture continues to rot away at human nature. And the majority of American who choose not to arm themselves may soon have too. Hows that for liberty and freedom? 
Democratic-leaning Connecticut, Maryland, and New York also passed tougher gun laws without a recall effort making a state ballot.


  1. How many bullets is one allowed to use to defend their life, liberty, and property if he or she is being attacked by an armed gang of thugs? Universal background checks lead to confiscation as is already happening in California. Confiscation leads to democide and genocide as well as tyranny as illustrated under Mao, Stalin, Hitler. Check your history books.

    Wouldn't it would be nice if liberals could control their fear rather than control everyone else's guns? All your fear comes from Hollywood.

    There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that want to be left alone, and those that won't leave you alone.

  2. Removing guns by creating safe zones have opened up more tragedies than any faux scandal the liberal side can create. Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, etc. The far-left nutjobs have zero fear when walking into areas like these because they know they're the only ones armed.

    If the libs can't take away our guns, how long before they rip the Bibles we're clinging to?

    Silly me, they already have. PC police have invented an anti-Constitutional provision separating Church & State.

  3. Paranoid rantings that parrot the lunatics at the NRA. Think you guys before you spill more stupidity here.

    And thanks for bring up the "society is safer when people have guns" theory. How's that working out?

    Hint: it hasn't slow bo's. Yeah, I fear Hollywood fiction. Brilliant.

  4. Pfft! Hate to compare facts to fiction.

    Check out the considerably lower crime rate of states that have conceal and carry laws, then look at the carnage that is Chicago.

    How's that working out, eh?

    We're not spilling stupidity, simply looking at the real world without drinking the kool-aid.

  5. The ole' "compare Chicago" trick doesn't work here. State crime rates tanked when cops were put on the street during the Clinton years. Some states maintained those levels some didn't. But Chicago? Dumb comparison.

    But I've got one for you: If carrying guns were supposed to make criminals less likely to commit a crime, why hasn't that worked? I don't see a measurable change, do you? Violent crime in Milwaukee went up after the gun law passed. Gun nuts like you say gun bans make violent crime rates go up. What gives?

    No answer...oh yeah, Chicago. Did you ever think for yourself? Ever?

  6. How am I a gun nut? I don't even own one. Do you? Instead of trying to find a scapegoat for all your perceived problems our state is going through, why not offer possible solutions?

    Sorry, but looking at the world through a narrow prism isn't the way to bring truth to light. Have you ever looked at crime statistics from the FBI? I'd suggest you do. Facts are a tricky thing. You can try to dress them up in disguise as best you can, however, when you strip away all the BS, what's left? The truth.

    Chicago is extremely relevant, despite what you think. Milwaukee, Racine, and Chicago. Ask yourself why these cities have become a battle zone. Liberal efforts regarding gun control, like the Bloomberg kerfuffle in Colorado, keep hiding the fact that policies they're pushing creates higher risk for those communities. Why did the shooters at Virginia Tech and Fort Hood so casually walk on site and start shooting? Because they were gun-free zones. They knew they could inflict maximum harm without fear of repercussion. People like Jeanne Assam are heroes because of her bravery at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs several years ago. Ms. Assam is the perfect counterpoint to all the BS you're slinging.

    You're writing is becoming a sad trope, yet your ability to Dowdify is indeed impressive. The "progressive left," like yourself, are among the most cynical, racist, and shallow people I've ever met.

    What? No comment? Comments you make, like you did, are easy to do when a person isn't face to face.

    I love having debates with people, regardless if it's baseball, politics, religion, etc. However, when the person with the opposing view decides to stoop to Ad hominem attacks instead of a mature counterpoint, it's no different than watching two toddlers argue over a toy. Amusing to watch, but it gets old. Fast.

  7. To the three anonys,

    How many bullets, well how many armed thugs in that gang each carrying a big clip are going to get you before you lift the muzzle? Conversely, if you can't hit anything with the first fifteen shots, then the answer is get a different weapon, more bullets ain't going save your sorry ass anywhere, or from anything spawned in your fevered imagination.

    My history books go back way beyond 6K years, so your history being the righteous judge of anything is ludicrous.

    When you have guns in both hands, 24/7, clinging to your bible (much less turning the pages to have actually read any of it), must be occurring by clenching it between your ass cheeks. Hint, nobody wants that ass wipe.

    Thanks for the lesson from your professional class expertise in looking through narrow prisms. Not seeing much light, as proven with your it is either black or white statements, is something you appear extremely well versed in.

    Don't own a gun, look out, you just gave away the secret to that armed gang of thugs. How you going to sleep at night, now?

    Restrictive lefty promulgated gun laws are a major contributing factor to battle-zones in the cities you say. Then how come the prolific numbers of armaments floating around in densely populated, poverty stricken areas of high unemployment aren't making those areas safer, as you say happens by eliminating "gun free zones? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. Oops, sorry. Would you mind plugging one ear? Couldn't understand you with the wind whistling through your head.

    If the gun-crazed right were as nuts as you say, then why are people who are trying to take their guns away still alive? I've nothing to fear with my admission. Quite simply, I'm more afraid to drive on the road with so many people drunk, stoned, or stupid.

    There's a difference between people like you versus people like me: I respect people to make the right decision. People like you believe we all need to be led by our noses.

    You simply proved one point: you are indeed the smartest class of people in our country. How in the world can us simple fo'k survive without your learnin'?

    I mean, manmade global warming, fracking induced earthquakes, Y2K, the Constitutional lawyer turned community organizer turned president who is as socialist as I am stupid. All those important ideals that wouldn't have gone nowhere without y'all.

  9. Oh, I forgot one thing. I'm Catholic, too.

    That makes me a misogynistic idol-worshiping git, too.

    You now know more about me than I will ever learn about you.

    What does this say about the each of us?

  10. Great example here of a liberal response using facts and figures to draw a conclusion, and the mind numbing response from "anonymous."

    Since you don't recognize solutions when you read them, I'll just say that what I offer on my blog are solutions. You just don't care to see them or understand them. I'll leave the whining and misdirection plays up to you and the Republican tea party losers. Yes, you are an idol worshiper.

  11. What facts? What figures? You type it so it's true? You really have a media's arrogance.

    Typical liberal strawman argument. Say a boatload of BS, call it facts without backing it up, and call those who disagree "typical".

    You're right about one thing, the idol. My idol is God, yours is Obama.