Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WEDC spokesman Tom Thieding is leaving…who?

WEDC's revolving door is hardly a bragging point for the groups leader, Scott Walker.

The troubled agency tasked with helping Scott Walker bring jobs to Wisconsin, is losing another one. 

As the top guy at the agency, Scott Walker has done a lousy job of retaining and creating an atmosphere of teamwork and dedication. Surprisingly, his "divide and conquer" strategy seems to be his only strategy that seems to be working.
The communications manager for the embattled Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. is leaving the agency to start his own marketing company in Arizona. Tom Thieding, who has served as WEDC spokesman since August, 2011, will step down effective Oct. 4.
This says so much about Walker:
CapTimes: The agency has replaced all three of its top positions within the past 12 months. Earlier this year, another public relations person left the agency shortly after being hired when it was learned he owed the state some $36,000 in back taxes.
What caught my attention about WEDC spokesman Tom Thieding's departure was that I never heard of him. Spokesman...when? Maybe WEDC is so administratively top heavy that he never got his turn? It looks like another one couldn't wait to get out of this administrative monstrosity.   

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