Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So far, 1,500 foster and adopted kids dropped by mistake from BadgerCare after Walker administration purged “ineligible” children's list. Didn't tell anybody.

Government can’t do anything right? Only under Republicans folks, and they’re proving it day after day under Scott Walker. They just don't think the media will ever notice.

What makes throwing 1,500 kids off Badgercare even worse, they never told the families their children were accidentally removed. Hey, maybe some of those families would have just paid the bill, walked away and saved Medicaid money:
State officials say 1,500 children mistakenly dropped from BadgerCare: An email from the state department of children and families says an effort to remove ineligible children from BadgerCare coverage resulted in eligible children also being removed. State officials tell 27 News the purge was taking place to make sure foster children or adopted children who were too old for BadgerCare were no longer receiving assistance.
Here's WKOW's Tony Galli with this jaw dropping and cruel story:

Although state officials say the accidental removal of hundreds of eligible children took place in June, Kassia Millar of Columbus says she was never notified her two adopted, former foster children had lost coverage. Millar says she only learned of the situation when she received a medical bill for several hundred dollars this month, for care which should have been covered under one of her children's BadgerCare plan.

State officials say families can apply for retroactive enrollment to the health insurance program. Here's the number: 1-866-666-5532.
And you know how desperate the Walker administration is to right this wrong. On second thought, even they don’t know:
State officials say they have been working to identify and reinstate coverage for eligible children who've been dropped. Officials offered no information on what percentage of the children who were mistakenly dropped from the government-funded health insurance program have been restored to BadgerCare.

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