Friday, September 27, 2013

Chicago-Milwaukee Regional Metroplex Hub could have used a High Speed Rail System. Another Bad Decision Scott Walker.

Now Scott Walker is all about working with Illinois, instead of bashing it in a desperate attempt to lure businesses over the cheddar curtain.
jsonline: A nascent movement to take the first baby steps to unite the metro-area economies of Milwaukee, Chicago and Gary, Ind., into a three-state economic bloc gathered rhetorical traction Friday.

"We should work together," said Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at a daylong economic symposium, called a "Summit on Regional Competitiveness," hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
Oh, I see, Walker is playing up to the Federal Reserve Bank (Philly), who just to predicted Wisconsin was number 2 for POTENTIAL job growth. Coincidence, hardly.

Walker, the same guy who killed high speed rail and made it more difficult to build a wind energy industry in the state, is now gung ho for everything?
Shared Midwestern industries such as advanced manufacturing, agriculture, food processing, water technology and clean energy are some of the most obvious opportunities to reach across state lines and look at common industrial clusters, Walker said. Those industries all have export potential in global markets, said Walker, addressing the 500 attendees at the Chicago Fed.
Who is this guy? Not the Walker we know and want to replace in 2014. A regional hub was also an idea floated during the high speed rail debate and Walker debacle.
It began with a 2012 study from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a global economic think tank based in Paris, which studied the "extreme fragmentation" in the Chicago-Milwaukee region. But Walker might seem to be an unusual advocate for regional cooperation after his administration became associated with efforts to goad employers to leave Illinois after it spiraled into a post-recession fiscal crisis that caused taxes to rise abruptly. Quizzed on Friday by Chicago news organizations about poaching, however, Walker denied it was any sort of cross-border strategy.
Making the argument every Democrat made at the time, Walker now wants to take credit:
Walker said proximity to Chicago is an advantage when he travels in China and India. "There are 12 or 15 megacities in the world," and greater Chicago is one of them, and Milwaukee's location in Chicago's halo gives the Brew City recognition, Walker said.
These were a few of the comments from readers who had a much longer memory than the reporter:
Wait - Walker- you killed the commuter train and the HSR between Chicago and Milwaukee. How quickly you forget your sinister ideologue .

This guy is so two faced. The first thing you do if you want to endorse a Milwaukee-Chicago Metroplex is FUND MASS TRANSIT.... you know HIGH SPEED RAIL... moron!! 

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