Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bucky is Unintimidated by sold out knockoffs.

A side story of a protesting “Bucky” Badger didn't catch my interest until this supposed fake Bucky responded. Here’s Buckingham Badger, with his humorous response from the Cap Times:
“Bucky read your article: Capitol Bucky says that he is the real spirit of Wisconsin. The real Bucky stands with Fighting Bob LaFollette. All the other Buckys are imposters. As you note in your article, Bucky started protesting at the Capitol in 2011, holding signs like "Bucky Supports the TAA and all Wisconsin Unions". Now Bucky sings at the Sing Along! And Bucky is unintimidated.

UW administrators tried to enslave Bucky to make money! Tried to exploit poor Bucky. But Badgers are fierce and yearn to breath free. Bucky said "Before I'd be a slave I'd be buried in my grave". Now Bucky is unchained! No-one can control him!

Bucky noticed an article about him in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, quoting a UW official: "As far as costumes go, they're not available to the public for sale," said Cindy Van Matre, UW-Madison trademark licensing director. "The only actual costumes are the ones the official mascot wears."

Bucky laughs and laughs, since the University of Wisconsin Book Store has itself been selling fake Bucky costumes to the public.

The Journal Sentinel article says that that according to Cindy Van Matre: The bona fide Bucky is not political. Here are pictures of Buckys appearing with Republican politicians. Why is Van Matre telling lies about Buckys?

But again, Bucky has to comment - those Buckys cavorting with GOP politicans were imposter Buckys. The real Bucky is the People's Bucky. The real Bucky stands with ordinary Wisconsin working folks, not with weasel politicans.

The Journal Sentinel article also included : "This is sadder than an unsanctioned Santa. This will not stand," Perry said. When Bucky read that, Bucky had to make sure the whole article wasn't satire.

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