Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WMC ad: Walker ranks 2nd in economic growth POTENTIAL!!!! Sure, while back in reality....

WMC is out with another cheesy ad that comes across very desperate. The ad mentions the word "jobs" 5 times in just 10 seconds. Is that a new record?

It's never a good thing when someone has to say, Scott Walker has so much "potential!" That's why corporate lobbyists Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce are trying so hard to flip Walker's reality. They are so in the tank for this guy, they're actually blowing $800,000 on ads constructing an absurdest myth around this guy by next summer.
“We just found out that Gov. Scott Walker's corporate masters at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce have now placed television ad buys totaling $800,000 trying to fool Wisconsin into thinking he hasn't been a total disaster for working families and those in need,” reads an email alert from One Wisconsin Now executive director Scot Ross.
It's sad to imagine someone seeing this and believing it. Repeat something enough, it starts sounding like the truth.

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