Monday, September 23, 2013

As Charter Schools Scores Tumble, just more excuses- "It's pretty clear we all have work to do." No, it's time to end the failed Republican experiment.

Republicans own this privatization mess.

While so many public schools met or exceeded performance expectations, our highly innovative privateers in the charter business, failed: 
jsonline: Despite having more freedom over curriculum, budgets and staffing than traditional public schools, the majority of Milwaukee's independent charter schools are not meeting performance expectations, according to statewide report card results for 2012-'13.

Of the 17 independent charters in Milwaukee, 53% fell below expectations, with two schools authorized by the City of Milwaukee receiving a failing grade. The results … raise questions about whether independent charters should be producing better results. 
What critics like me have been saying for years is true now more than ever; spend the time and money on public schools, not a parallel system of schools that cry and whine about flaws in a rating system that consistently proves they're failing. After all, they're...
...privately managed, and are given freedom from bureaucratic restraints on school districts in exchange for upholding a promise to deliver on performance.
That's a broken promise. But these money grubbing privateers won’t stop:
"It's pretty clear we all have work to do," said Cindy Zautcke, who directs the City of Milwaukee's charter school initiative.
No, No, No!!! Privatization con artists think we should now spend time and money improving charter schools too? Heck, the next thing you know we’ll be working on improving the private voucher schools.

And pile on that the fewer number of low income and special needs students at charters:
One independent charter is in Racine: 21st Century Preparatory School, authorized by UW-Parkside … also fell below expectations on the new report cards.  In MPS, 25% of the rated schools met or exceeded expectations. But on a percentage basis, the 134 schools rated in MPS educated three times as many students learning English and twice as many students with special needs, compared with independent charters. The charter schools enrolled a higher percentage of white students and lower percentage of students in poverty than MPS. Report card questioned
While these same test were used for public schools, charter whiners who don’t like the outcome, are now saying the test were flawed. Folks, it’s time to pull the plug on this con job:
Sean Roberts, president of Milwaukee Charter School Advocates, said there are still flaws in the report card school accountability system, especially at the high school level, where almost all data relies on one test: the state achievement test taken at the beginning of 10th grade." More than half of the schools would be meeting expectations," if the report cards were a better measure, Roberts said. Roberts also said he didn't think it was appropriate to draw conclusions about the quality of charter school authorizers based on report card scores of their schools.

Do excuses like that work for you and your child, or should you wait a few more years so they can get their act together. Your kid is only going to go through this once, can they wait too? Time to put a fork in another bad Republican idea.

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