Friday, September 20, 2013

The Koch’s: The Bond like villain’s out to destroy the Middle Class now want Americans to give up health care insurance.

The Koch brothers have lots of money to do anything they want to achieve their selfish ideological ends. Even tell people not to buy insurance? Believe it or not, yes.

They’re not shy about their agenda either, having named their most visible group “Americans for Prosperity.” They, we're talking about the wealthy, are the Americans growing their prosperity. Over "95 percent of the income gains reported since 2009 have gone to the top 1 percent."-CNBC

Rachel Maddow pointed out last night how the Koch's have hired the guy who pushed government mandated vaginal ultrasounds in multiple states to run ads against government mandated health care. That confusing message is just what the Koch's are counting on. Love the scary Uncle Sam ad too:

In a related local story, the Koch's are portrayed as just another manufactured target of the liberal left. What are Democrats afraid of, success? The fact that the Koch's have $72 billion of "free speech" wealth to spend on corporate Ayn Randian propaganda should send up a few red flags, even for staunch conservatives.
Cap Times: The latest: Politico reports the Kochs have been operating a secret “bank” that doled out a quarter of a billion dollars to various conservative causes and political groups last year.

“Freedom Partners is organized under the same section of the Tax Code as a trade association, a 501(c)6, which allows the group to conceal its donors from public release, although the amounts and recipients of its major grants are public.”
So imagine my surprise, which wasn't much of a real surprise, when I came across this upside down comment from David “blowhard” Blaska:
 “ALEC, of course, shares the liberal dunking pond with the Koch Brothers, Fox News, the Bradley Foundation, WMC, Karl Rove and Scott Walker — the mere mention of which draw sustained hissing and huffing from true blue fisters.”
That’s right, they’re all just innocent bystanders.

Of course Blaska’s party filled their own dunking pond with blue fisters, unionistas, liberal Madison, activist judges, smug elitists, and George Soros. But they don't count David?

Speaking of ALEC, I even asked my conservative friend in Milwaukee if he had heard of ALEC; he didn't. I think that might be true of many conservative voters. The conservative media is very good at filling their news with distractions.

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