Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What goes around comes around: Hypocritical Colorado Republican Rep.’s who voted against Sandy relief now need flood relief for their state.

Any ideology that is so flawed and filled with so many flip flops and outright contradictions is in serious need of reform. Yes, I'm talking about Republicans again.

While getting mileage out of their tough talk on spending and fiscal leadership, their actions run counter to their Scrooge like image. It’s not the first time, but this is getting ridiculous.

These tight fisted defenders of draconian spending cuts now want a government handout...without offsets I would assume:

Think Progress: As historic floods of “biblical” proportions continue to ravage Colorado, President Obama signed an emergency declaration on Sunday — a move that was encouraged by a bipartisan letter last week from the state’s nine-member Congressional delegation. But the four Republican Congressmen who are now supporting disaster relief for their own state were among those voting earlier this year against the emergency aid funding for Superstorm Sandy victims on the East Coast. Colorado Republican Reps. Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner, Doug Lamborn, and Scott Tipton … Though scientists have noted that climate is a key cause of these Colorado floods, Coffman, Gardner, Lamborn, and Tipton are all deniers of climate science

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