Friday, September 20, 2013

Republicans are getting all the media attention for acting like craven soulless idiots.

Democrats and the media need to stop giving Republicans the attention we normally wouldn't give a child having a tantrum. Think about it, so far the Republican antics to cut food stamps from working Americans and their continued attempts to prevent people from getting health care is getting massive media coverage. Didn't we really hate Scrooge for suggesting that? Who can take these people seriously? I mean really, starving seniors, veterans, children and the working poor is a plan cooked up by actual grownups?

The truth is Republicans don't have the courage, leadership or good sense to solve our national problems because that would be..."work!" These are the most blatant freeloaders on the government dole.

It's simple to ask...

Question: Why don't Republicans get people off food stamps by giving them jobs? Shouldn't we be upgrading the nations crumbling infrastructure? Don't they have it backwards?

Question: How do Republicans and radio talkers know ObamaCare will be a disaster if, as they've claimed, they've never read the entire law or don't know a damn thing about it? I'll bet they haven't even kept up with the changes insurers, hospitals and doctors have made since reform was forced on an industry reeling out of control.

Isn't it time Democrats and the media call in sick anytime Republicans get silly. Tell you what, when they get serious, they can call us.

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