Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finding ObamaCare Navigators almost impossible, thanks to Medicaid Director Brett Davis.

He was bad as a legislator, he's even worse as the state's Medicaid Director. 

Brett Davis, a guy mentioned often in Walker's John Doe investigation, is proving just how incompetent he and his party is at managing the state's business.

Making the process of getting health care coverage a whole lot more difficult, Davis cooked up the most upside down and insulting plan: Instead of putting together a list of local health care "navigators" on one site for easy access, he's instead forced navigators to network locally, at a "grass roots" level. Like the community organizers they hate so much.

Wisconsin Deputy Insurance Commissioner Dan Schwartzer explained it this way...don't laugh, he thinks he's getting away with this line of BS. WKOW-Greg Neumann:

"So rather than top down, they went from the bottom up, and went to communities to develop these regional enrollment networks...so they could get to the people in their own community.

So rather than rely on a consumer having looking at a list of navigators, pick up the phone and try to call them, the regional enrollment networks are actually reaching out to these consumer, to make sure they have some information available to them. 

So Brett Davis has done a tremendous job in creating these regional enrollment networks and there will be thousands of these people out there."
Does that make any sense at all? No, but that's their point. And who'll get all the blame? ObamaCare.

According to WKOW's Greg Neumann, there aren't any navigators in the Madison area or southwest Wisconsin. Tremendous job Brett Davis.

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