Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Madison Number 8 on list of 25 Healthiest and Happiest Cities...even with Scott Walker as Governor.

For a town that leans liberal, hates our new gun law, host a population of aging and second generation hippies, and has a never ending protest of union thugs, we’re not doing too badly.
WSJ: Low crime, good produce make Madison one of the best places to call home, Prevention magazine says: Very little crime and very fresh veggies have combined to make Madison one of the best places to live in America, according to a national health magazine.

Prevention ranked Madison No. 8 in its list of the top 25 healthiest and happiest cities in the United States.

The editors of the list were practically gushing over the state capital.
"Laid out on an isthmus surrounded by two sparkling lakes, Madison is known for its natural beauty," the blurb about the city said. Other positives? Neighborhoods, civic involvement, outdoor activities and the country's largest producer-only farmers market. Another feather in the capital's cap: bicycling on numerous bike paths that are plowed all winter.
Sadly, Waukesha again failed. Where is that conservative austere utopia we keep hearing about. Bike paths, fresh produce, civic involvement, neighborhoods, drinkable water…that's not what real Americans want.

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